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Garlic Extract Allicin

Product Name: Garlic Extract Allicin

Garlic Extract Allicin

Product Name:Aged Garlic Extract

CAS No.:539-86-6

Active ingredient:Allicin

Grade:Pharmaceutical and food

Molecular formula:C6H10OS2

Molecular weight:162.26

Used Part:Seed

Certificate:ISO9001,GMP,KOSHER, HALAL, FDA

Test Method:HPLC

Specification:Allicin 1-5% , 10:1,100:1

Extract Solvents:Grain alcohol&Water

Drying Methods:Spray Drying

Appearance:Light yellow powder

Particle size:100% Pass 80 Mesh

Description of Garlic Extract Allicin

Garlic is Liliaceae, Allium bulbs medicine.Garlic plant in spring,the summer harvest, bar, suspension and ventilated place, dried spare. June leaf blight excavation, removal of sediment,

ventilation, air dry or bake until the skin dry.b Best quality garlic extract from xi'an rongsheng biotecnology. Garlic is spherical or short conical outside off-white or pale brown the membranous scaly skin, stripped of scale leaves, 6 to 10 garlic cloves, wheel born in the stems around the stem base coils, raw majority fibrous roots. Each clove of garlic outsourcing film, strip the film, that see white, thick, fleshy scales.Garlic has a strong smell and spicy taste.

Sources:Garlic (Allium sativa), is a plant with long, flat grasslike leaves and a papery hood around the flowers. The most active components of fresh garlic are an amino acid called alliin and an enzyme called allinase.

Garlic also contains a wide range of trace minerals. These include copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, germanium, and selenium. In addition, garlic contains many sulfur compounds, vitamins A and C,

and various amino acids.

Garlic Extract is one of our star products since we have been dedicated to the R&D on it for years, Allicin 1%~1.8% or Alliin 2~5% can be extracted from Garlic for different applications, we produce garlic extract under strict . European quality control standards. We have strong ability and experiences to control its high quality of Allicin and Alliin, especially the strict microbiology control under EP rules.

Function of Garlic Extract Allicin

1.wide antibacterial, bacteriostasis. Allicin on gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria have a strong exterminate action, can effectively inhibit fish, livestock and poultry long see the happening of the disease.

2.flavor food, improving the quality of feed. Has a strong, pure garlic smell, alternative to feed the other fragrances. Can improve feed odor, stimulating effect strong food lure fish, livestock and poultry, increase appetite, increase feed intake.

3.enhance immunity, promote the healthy growth of livestock and poultry, fish. A suitable amount of allicin is added in the feed, animal fur light after intake, physical strong, disease resistance, reduce feed consumption, improve the laying hens egg production, can promote the growth of fish and poultry, and improve the survival rate.

4.improving the quality of animals, add right amount of allicin in the feed, can effectively adjust the stimulation of meat flavor in the formation of amino acids, increase animal fragrance ingredients to produce meat or eggs, thus make the flavor more fresh animal meat or eggs

5.send a poisonous insect repellent, mouldproof preservation. Allicin is added in the feed, can have the function that qing wen, detoxification, huoxue huayu, mercury, cyanide, nitrite can significantly decrease the feed, the harmful material such as toxicity. And can effectively remove worms, flies and mites, protection of feed quality, improve the corral the role of internal environment.

6.non-toxic, no side effect, no drug residues, no drug resistance. Garlic contains natural antiseptic ingredients, metabolism in animals to prototype, the main characteristics of different from other antibiotics is non-toxic, no side effect, no drug residues, no drug resistance. Can use continuously and has antiviral, increase egg fertilization rate etc.

7.fight coccidiosis. Allicin has good control effect to the chicken intestines ball, in the ball area the alternative ball insect drugs.

Application of Garlic Extract Allicin

1.Applied in pharmaveutical field, garlic extract is mainly used in treating bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and cardiovascular diseases;

2.Applied in feed additive field, garlic extract is mainly used in feed additive for protecting the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease.

3.Applied in health product field, garlic extract is often made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat;

4.Applied in food field, garlic extract is mainly as a functional food additives used in cookie, bread, meat products and so on.

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