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R-(+)- Alpha Lipoic Acid

Product Name: R-(+)- Alpha Lipoic Acid
CAS NO.: 1200-22-2
CAS NO.:1200-22-2
R-(+)- Alpha Lipoic Acid
CAS: 1200-22-2
Molecular Formula: C8H14O2S2
Molecular Mass: 206.33
[Appearance] :yellow crystallized powder
[Melting Point]: 48.0~51.0℃
[Specific Optical Rotation]: +110.0°~+120.0°
[Loss on Dry]: ≤0.5%
[Chiral Assay]: the assay of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is ≥98.0% (area normalization method)
[Heavy Metal]: ≤10ppm
[Assay Determination of Alpha Lipoic Acid] :≥99.0% (dried basis)
[Package and Storage Condition]:25kg/drum, store and seal in the cool place, and away from light
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