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Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract

Product Name: Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract
CAS NO.: 90063-94-8
CAS NO.:90063-94-8
Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Product Name:Rosa roxburghii Extract
English Name:Rosa roxburghii
Chinese Name: Ci Li
Latin Name:Rosa roxburghii
Active ingredients:Vitamin C
Content: Vitamin C 5%, 7%,10%
Appearance: Fine powder
Color: Light yellow
Particle Size: NLT100%80mesh

Description of Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Possibly the next Superfruit, the scientific name of cili fruit extract is Rosa Roxburghii, and cili fruit extract is found only in some of the high mountain ranges of Mainland China.

cili fruit extract has an astringent yet smooth, sweet and sour taste. cili fruit extract is widely used as a natural fruit, juice. The ripe fruit is yellow but some of them remain greenish even when ripe.
The seed of cili fruit extract is a good source of Vitamin E, it can be ground into a powder and mixed with flour or added to other foods as a supplement. The natural fruit contains 2585mg of Vitamin C per 100g fruit, which is 1.5 times higher than Acerola, or 60 times more than orange.

Further, the Vitamin P (BIO-Flavonoids) content is 5981-12895mg per 100g fruit, about 100-300 times more than the content in vegetables, and 10-100 times more than that of other fruit.

The Amino Acids essential to the body in cili fruit extract inlcude: Aspargine, Serine, Valine, Histidine, Arginine, Tryptophane, Methionine, Methylamino, Glutamine, Proline, Glycine, Alanine, Tyrocine, Cystine,etc. Other trace elements include Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Magnesium Potassium and Natrium.

cili fruit extract contains high Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) activity, a strong antioxidant.

Rosa roxburghii, also known as "Burr Rose" or "Chestnut Rose", originated in southwest China and was introduced to the botanic garden in Calcutta around 1824.
The extract of fruit of the Rosa roxburghii plant is the base ingredient of a range of products that is commercially sold under the Cili Bao
The extract is composed of a wide range of substances of nutritional value, in particular a relatively high amount of antioxidants such as ascorbate and plant phenols. It has been reported before that supplementation with the fruit extract resulted in increased red blood cell superoxide dismutase, catalase and the reduced form of glutathione. An enhancement of the antioxidant status could contribute to the protection against several diseases where oxidative stress is a major factor in the pathology, such as atherosclerosis, cancer and immunity stress. Several anecdotal reports with little (published) scientific support claim that human supplementation of the Rosa roxburghii extract to the diet has a protective effect against several diseases, including the above mentioned. Medicinal and herbal plants are used in large sections in developing countries for primary care and there is now also an increase in the use of natural therapies in developed countries.

COA of Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Vc Content
Yellow powder
Odor & taste
Acid and characteristic flavor
Particle size
NLT 95% through 100 mesh
Loss on drying
Heavy metals
DDT (p`p-DDE,p`p-DDT,o`p-DDT,p`p-DDD)

Function of Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract
1. Ci li (Rosa Roxburghii Tratt) fruit has a abundance of vitamin C and P. By consuming half a fruit will provide an individual with the Required Daily Intake of Vitamin C and P.

2. The content of vitamin C of Ci li (Rosa Roxburghii Tratt) fruit flesh per 100 gram varied between 794 ~ 2391 mg, which was fifty time as much as that of Mandarin orange and nine times as much as that of yangtao.

3. Ci li (Rosa Roxburghii Tratt) fruit has much more Vitamin C than other kinds of fruit such as GrapeFruit, Apple, Pear and Cimei. Ci li (Rosa Roxburghii Tratt) fruit has higher content vitamin P than general vegetables and fruits.

Application of Cili Extract /Rosa Roxburghii Extract

1. Applied in food additives, it is used as nutritious supplementary pharmaceutical.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, help digestion.
3. Applied in cosmetics field, it owns the effect of whitening, dispelling spot, anti-wrinkle, activating skin cells, making skin more tender and firm.

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