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Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10%,20%,40%

Product Name: Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10%,20%,40%
CAS NO.: 303-98-0
CAS NO.:303-98-0
Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10
Other name: Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10, Water Soluble Reduced Coenzyme Q10,ubiquinone
Appearance:Orange crystalline powder
Product specification:CWS10%, CWS20%,CWS40%
Molecular weight:863.36
CAS No.:303-98-0
Molecular formula:C59H90O4
Water solubility:100%

Description of Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10,ubiquinone
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) has a low risk of side effects and it is an essential vitamin-like substance with many health benefits.
It is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood pressure.
Coenzyme Q10 is a quinone, which is a substance that helps provide energy to cells in all oxygen-breathing organisms. Researchers first discovered coenzyme Q10 in 1957, and first named it ubiquinone,
because it was a quinone that was found in every cell of the body (the prefix ubi means everywhere).
Later studies showed that ubiquinone acts as a coenzyme in the body, without which the three enzymes that provide energy to the body cannot function.

COA of Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10,ubiquinone
Apperances Pale yellow to bright yellow free- flowing powder Bright-yellow free-flowing powder
Loss on dry ≤8.0% 2.9%
Heavy metal(Pb) ≤0.001% ≤0.001%
Arsenic(As) ≤0.0003% ≤0.0003%
Assay ≥20.0% 22.9%

Funcation of Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10,ubiquinone
1.Anti-Aging As a strong antioxidant Q10 protects cells from chemicals and other harmful factors.
2.Anti-oxidant Q10 naturally prevents our body and cells from free radicals damage and works as a shield against harmful effects.
3.Muscles are also in need of this enzyme, due to its energy boosting quality. Experiments proved that people who had a balanced Q10 level were more energetic and vigorous
4.heart-related problems It is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood pressure.
5.Improves immunity and can dramatically slow tumor growth.

Application of Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10,ubiquinone
1.Coenzyme Q10 as a dietary supplement to support cardiovascular and periodontal functions.
2.Coenzyme Q10 is an essential to human life. It plays a role in the electron transport chain, one of the body's energy-producing cycles that converts food into energy. Research indicates that supplementation with this nutrient may support normal heart function and provide antioxidant protection.
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