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Green Coffee Extract(Chlorogenic Acids)

Product Name: Green Coffee Extract(Chlorogenic Acids)
CAS NO.: 327-97-9
CAS NO.:327-97-9
Green Coffee Extract(Chlorogenic Acids)
1.Product Name: green coffee extract/green coffee bean extract 50%/green coffee bean extract
2.Active Ingredients:Chlorogenic Acid
3. Latin name : Coffea arabica L
4.CAS No.: 327-97-9
5.Specification: Chlorogenic acid 25%, 30%, 45%, 50%, 60%, 98%; tested by HPLC
Total Chlorogenic acids 45%, 50%, 70%,98%; tested by HPLC

1). Reducing blood press with non-toxic and no side effects;
2). With the function of anti-cancer and anti-tumor;
3). With the effect of exciting pituitary - adrenal system and enhanceing the function of the adrenal cortex;
4). Promoting metabolism and prevent aging.
1). Applied in food field, the coffee are most popular food among people;
2). Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be used as raw materials to reduce blood pressure;
3). Applied in cosmetic field, green bean oil can effectively regulate the skin, stimulate vigor and arouse the spirit.
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